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Maternity photoshoot FAQ

1. Which month IS The BEST for maternity photoshoot?

The best moment to have a maternity photoshoot is about 28-36 weeks. When your bump is nice and round, but you’re not feeling too heavy or tired with this pregnancy business yet. It’s supposed to be a pleasant experience, after all, not punishment.

2. Do I look good enough?

Let me share with you a message I got from one of my followers (she agreed for me to share it): “I feel fat and ugly, not sure if I want a photo session in that stage, but I don’t want to regret in the future I didn’t have one. I’m torn”.

Girl, hear me out – you’re not taking the photos for your current, but for the future self.

You can lock them in a drawer for the next 5 years, but at least you’ll know you have them, you have an option to look at them when you’ll feel ready to go back to the memories of that days. I guarantee you will look at yourself with much kinder eye as all the feelings you have currently will fade and make space for new ones. You’ll forget the swollen ankles, short breath and back pain. You’ll remember the feeling of a baby growing inside you, and those photos will be a proof of that. And they will be beautiful, I’ll make sure of that 😉

3. When to book your pregnancy photoshoot?

If you have a TO DO list, put booking a session around your 20 weeks scan, that should give you enough time to find the photographer whose style and personality will suit you best.

4. What to wear? Where to buy maternity photoshoot dress?

Client wardrobe awaits – I’m always helping with styling, and my dresses are for you to use. They all look lush in the photos, and most of them fit all sizes, you don’t have to buy your own dress, but if you want to, feel free to bring yours!

5. Should I be alone?

You can come to the session alone, bring your partner, sister or mum. Whoever you feel comfortable to share this experience. They don’t have to be in the photo, but they are always welcome.

Maternity photoshoot in London Ania Hrycyna Photography

6. What is the perfect location for a photoshoot?

Outdoor, in your house or in a rented apartment or a daylight studio – all locations possible! Just tell me what you dream of and I’ll find options for you.

Maternity photoshoot in London Ania Hrycyna Photography

7. What to do next?

If you’re thinking of capturing your maternity moments, send me a message here and follow me on my social media ⬇️

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