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Lifestyle family photoshoot

london family photoshoot

Stress-free photoshoot with kids

Hey! Since your eyes landed on this page, I assume you’re interested in creating some tangible memories for your family and that’s juuuust awesome!

What I’ve got for you is a pain free family photoshoot. I come prepared – games, fun activities, a touch of silliness and the shoot feels like a play time. Even the grumpy types say at the end they had a great time (you know who I have in mind :)). The result – photos full of genuine laughs and tight cuddles, that will evoke smile on your face when you look at them tomorrow and in 10 years.

The photoshoot is about 90minutes long. We meet in your home or find some cool outdoor location that your people will love. Based on the characters of family members we’ll do more dynamic shoots, or calmer ones. Or mix of both. I hope you’ll have an awesome time together, focus on each other and enjoy the quality time. I’ll follow you and capture the essence of your family, just as it is now.

family photoshoot in coulsdon

Make memories together

My grandfather used to say:”We won’t meet this young ever again”. Time flies, kids grow. Which on the one hand is a good thing. Especially if you have two toddlers at home, like me. But hey, with all the annoying features like tantrums and asking “why?” 100 times a day, they are super cute little humans with messy hair and small quirks that makes your heart melt.

Squeeze them tight while they still let you and tickle them till they’ll lost their breath. And get that photographed! So that when they turn into more annoying teenagers, you’ll have something to reflect back on and smile.

Book a lifestyle family photoshoot

You’re a busy woman managing job, house and family affairs. I’ve made the booking-photoshoots-post photoshoot process simple and straight forward. You’ll have all information in one place, on my client’s portal. And also, I’m here – whats app, instagram, email – just one click away in case you’d like to ask a question, consult styling choices or just chat.

Fill out the contact form and I’ll send you a personalised quote. Once you accept it, my prep-guides will follow. “What to wear guide” will help you with putting together timeless looks, “Stress free photoshoot with kids” will give you some tips to make the photoshoot experience fun for all – big and small.

Can’t wait to meet you and your family!


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