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Newborn In Home photoshoot

london newborn photoshoot

Alternative to studio newborn photoshoot

Not a huge fan of traditional newborn shoots? Good, me neither 😉

Excitement, happiness, love, nostalgia – a mix of feelings guaranteed on an in home newborn photoshoot. You finally get to hold that little human you waited for so long. You want to remember every detail; tiny toes, smell of his head, that milk drunk look on his face. You know it won’t last long. You know he’ll grow faster than you can say “oh-my-god-he-smells-so-good!”. 

Hey, don’t you worry. I’m here to take care of those memories for you. In  just 90(ish) minutes I’ll capture the essence of your baby’s first days at home. You don’t have to go anywhere or prepare anything extra special. I explain everything in a “newborn photoshoot prep guide” you’ll get after booking. Oh, and you can message me anytime with questions, worries or ideas – I’m here for you.

Newborn photoshoot is a MUST HAVE in a family album. They’re this little only once.

newborn photoshoot in coulsdon

Newborn lifestyle photoshoot in your home

You may not feel like going anywhere in the first days after giving birth. I know I didn’t leave the bedroom for a week when I had my first one. Luckily, the photoshoot is in your house, so you don’t even have take your slippers off. Kidding, you’ll have to take them off for the photos – bare feet rulezzzzz! Ok, no more offtopics.

So we’ll have plenty of time to take cuddly photos with mummy, daddy and siblings. All together, solo and in all combinations. At your pace. Feeding brake, nappy change, 5 minutes to yourself – you got it.

You’re doing this to create an artful evidence of your new life together. In a few years time, he’ll ask you how it was when you first brought him home. And you’ll show him those photos.

And also, when you’ll be stepping on his lego again or nagging him to brush his teeth for the 20th time, you’d love to have something to refer back to him being a sweet tiny curled up bundle of love.

Book in-home newborn photoshoot

You probably want to have it ticked off your TO DO list before the baby arrives. We can talk details, get a plan in place and then when he’s here you just ping me and we select an exact date. If he’s already here, give me a shout anyway. I may have availability and squeeze you in last minute.

The first two weeks after birth, when the baby is a curled up tiny little bundles of love, are ideal for the shoot. But if you don’t feel like it just after giving birth, it’s also fine, just don’t wait too long.

Fill out the contact form to get your personalised quote. Once you confirm it and secure the booking by paying the £50 deposit, you’ll receive a newborn at home photoshoot preparation guide, which will help you prepare for the shoot.

I’ll be with you, just one click away in case you’d like to consult your outfit choices, talk about your wishes or just chat to get to know each other better before I visit you in your home.

See you soon!


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