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Ania Hrycyna

About me

nice to meet you!

Hi there, great to see you on my website. My name is Ania (pronounced Anya), I come from the north of Poland. If you like to visualise places on maps like I do think of Gdansk – my hometown is very close. I’ve moved to London 6 years ago, following love, that resulted in marriage and 2 kids (as of January 2022😉).

I’m a photographer specialising in family, maternity and newborn photography. My style is relaxed, candid, focused on emotions. If you cringe thinking of a posed studio photoshoot where everyone say cheese and look in the camera, there’s a big chance we’re a good match.

I live in Coulsdon (that’s south end of Greater London), but I’m happy to travel to London and surrounding areas. Well, further away too! 🙂

photo: Zofia May Photography

so here are a few things about me

photo: Zofia May Photography

In my previous life (that is when I was living in Poland), I was an event manager. I’ve produced some really cool events for EY, Facebook or H&M. The job was great but challenging at times. It taught me being flexible and thinking solutions. I easily adapt to changes in scenario and manage grumpy husbands 😉

Two years ago I’ve finished babywearing course and I’m a certified instructor. That gave me knowledge on babies physical development. I know how to handle a newborn without breaking them. Safety first.

London is my big love. I own quite a collection of books about its oddities and characteristics. It inspires me, makes my creative juices flowing. There’re so many gems of locations, you have no idea. I’d love to take you there!

I’m a mum of 2 little humans, one is 3,5yo, the other one is 1,5. You can see them sometimes on my InstaStories. If practice makes perfect, I’m a master of tantrums management. Comes handy on photoshoots (not only those with kids 🙂 )

what to expect

lifestyle photoshoot

A photoshoot with me is full of laugh, sometimes bad jokes, lots of cuddles and silly games. I’ll guide you, prompt you and never leave you thinking “what the hell am I supposed to do now?”

The result – photos showing genuine emotions that will speak to you the same way tomorrow and in 10 years. Photos that you’ll looooove and share with the one you care about and strangers on the internet, and you’ll be so happy and proud of them. At least thats my goal, and I take my goals very seriously.

photo: Zofia May Photography
contact me

let’s chat!

Okay, now that you have seen my work and learned a bit about me, do you feel the sparkle? I hope you do! Click here and say Hi! Or fill out the contact form and let’s get you that photoshoot booked!

I live in Coulsdon (that’s south end of Greater London), but I’m happy to travel to London and surrounding areas. Well, further away too! 🙂

Can’t wait to meet you!



newborn photography

Excitement, happiness, love, nostalgia – a mix of feelings guaranteed on an in home newborn photoshoot.

maternity photography

Relaxed maternity shoot in London? No problem. Romantic photos in a lace dress by the lake? I know just the place!

family photography

Have an awesome time together, focus on each other and enjoy. I’ll follow you and capture the essence of your family.


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