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Lifestyle maternity photoshoot

london maternity photoshoot

Maternity photos without faffing around

Pregnancy photoshoot is time-limited. You can’t put it away until “some day”. When your bump becomes baby you’ll be looking at a different section of this website… Saying that, I’m happy tell you a how does the Maternity Photoshoot with me works.

Now you cherish those 2in1 moments, stroke your growing belly, poke gently, smile to the kick in response. 9 months to prepare, to bond, to become a mother. That’s a journey like no other. When the baby is already in your arms, a new chapter begins and those memories will slowly fade. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

How about capturing this journey in the way that feels like you? Not in a studio in a ruffled tulle dress, but in your home, or some cool outdoor location?Reserve 60-90 minutes, enjoy the experience and let me do what I do best – tell your story with photography.

maternity photoshoot in coulsdon

How is lifestyle photoshoot different to a studio session?

It’s not the “now don’t move and smile” kind of photoshoot. Prompts you will hear from me would be more “have a cuddle, close your eyes, and think of the first moment when you’ll look your baby in the eye”. Feel the difference? 😉

It’s about evoking real emotions, not only those nostalgic. Much actions will be on the lighter note and you’ll have a laugh too. In 10 years the photos will be a gateway to memories of how the moment felt, and how you were in it.

Maternity photoshoot in London Barbican
photoshoot of your dreams

Maternity photoshoot the way you want it

It’s your way. I’m here and I listen. I’ll never ask you to do anything that doesn’t feel right. We’ll have a chat before your shoot (as many times as you need). I want to make sure that on the day everything is as you imagined.

Relaxed maternity shoot in London? No problem. Romantic photos in a lace dress by the lake? I know just the place (and I have a perfect dress in The Client Wardrobe). Just tell me what your dreams are and I’ll do my best they’ll come true.

Nothing too complicated or pretentious. Just a few pictures of you, the bump and your partner (and siblings – furry too!).

Book a lifestyle maternity photoshoot

Best moment to have a maternity photoshoot is about 28-36 weeks. When your bump is nice and round, but you’re not feeling too heavy or tired with this pregnancy business already. It’s supposed to be a pleasant experience after all, not punishment.

If you have a TO DO list, put booking a session around your 20 weeks scan, that should give you enough time to find the photographer whose style and personality will suit you best. If you feel that may be me, fill out the contact form to get a personalised quote.

After your session is booked you’ll get a detailed what to wear guide, we’ll talk location ideas and go through everything that crosses your mind.

I can’t wait!

one more thing

£50 off your newborn session

Photo story of the pregnancy should have continuity… as newborn photoshoot! If you had a good time with me during your maternity shoot and you liked the photos, let’s continue this journey together.

You’ll get photos in the same style (to hang on the wall next to each other), done by the person whose work style you already know. That reduces the stress about photoshoot and leaves only the excitement 😉

And of course, I’d simply looooove to meet your baby and see you again. So here’s a £50 discount on the newborn photoshoot for all mummas who had maternity photoshoot with me.


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