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Authentic & Emotional Stories of motherhood


First moments with your tiny human at home. You just start to learn each other, discover the new world.


The time of transition, space for being vulnerable and discovering yourself in this new role.


Have a slow time together, no chores, no phones, just you and those you live the most. Let me tell your story.

Welcome friend

My name is Ania, I’m happy to meet you.

Thank you for visiting my corner of the internet. Make yourself comfortable, learn more about me and the relaxed photoshoots I offer. And if you think we’re a good match, let’s create some magic together!

I shoot in various awesome outdoor locations (in the city or in the wild) and in my clients homes. I’m based in the south end of Grater London (Coulsdon, to be exact), but I’m happy to travel to London and surrounding areas.

For people who value CONNECTION

Quick test

Are we a good match?

>> you like to cuddle

>> those weirdly posed newborn photos in buckets or boxes are a no no

>> standing still, looking in the camera and saying “cheese” is not your cuppa

If you nodded your head at least once, then there’s a huge chance we’ll be a hit together!

client review


I spent quite a while researching a photographer who could capture the maternity photos that I have had in my head for years. I had given up when I stumbled across Ania. Her photos fit the profile – natural, earthy, warm.

My husband and I hummed and hawed for a while before booking as we weren’t sure we could afford professional photos, but we are SO happy we decided to book the shoot and mark this time in our lives with such special photos.

Ania helped us pick the location of a beautiful woodland with light that she managed to capture perfectly. The outfits she picked for me from her client wardrobe were so beautiful and popped so much in the photos.

She made us feel very relaxed and comfortable throughout the shoot, first time models here! And her passion for photography was very clear as she did not rush us once and we felt we had her complete attention thoughout the shoot.

Of course, we also thought we would only buy 10-15 photos but ended up splurging and buying the whole album as there was no way we could choose, they were all perfect <3.

Thanks Ania!


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