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Lifestyle maternity Photoshoot in London with Karla & Sean

Lifestyle Maternity Photoshoot in London

Does a lifestyle maternity photoshoot always have to be in the rolling fields or other wild location? The answer is simple – no. If you’re more of an urban girl than boho nymph and industrial spaces are closer to your heart than flowery meadows I’m game to take photos of you!

There’s no reason that you couldn’t have awesome photos which would represent who you are and make you happy when you look at them later.

Kings cross maternity photoshoot

For Karla and Sean Kings Cross area is special, because they used to live there just after they got married and have many happy memories related to this place. So photos of this next chapter in their lives needed to be taken there. Even though they don’t live there anymore. It’s like a connection between past and what the future will bring them (very soon).

We decided to take a stroll in the neighbourhood. Lots of stories of their times there were told, laughs shared and photos taken! We started at the Kings Cross Station, then moved to The St Pancras Hotel for its famous staircase where Spice Girls recorded the video to “Wannabe”. Later we visited The Old Coal Yard and got lost by the canal and narrow streets nearby.

This story has a second part. When Sean had to leave to meet his mates, we decided to hit another spot with Karla. We went to Hampstead Heath and it’s famous Pergola. Results of that trip are coming soon…

London maternity photographer

Does a maternity photoshoot in London sound like your thing?

If you’re thinking about in a quirky, alternative London location, get in touch! I’d love to hear your story!

Maternity Photoshoot the way you want it

Best moment to have a maternity photoshoot is about 28-36 weeks. Allocate some time to find the photographer whose style speaks to your heart and whose personality matches yours. f you have a TO DO list, put booking a session around your 20 weeks scan.

It’s your way. I’m here and I listen. I’ll never ask you to do anything that doesn’t feel right. We’ll have a chat before your shoot (as many times as you need). I’ll find a location that speaks to you, help you get the styling right. I’ll take care of you so the whole experience will be something to remember, not just the photos.


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