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Why Having a Photoshoot in a Meaningful Place is a Great Idea

Maternity photoshoot in Barbican

Have you ever considered having a photoshoot in a place that holds special meaning to you? It’s a great way to create new memories while tying them to the happy ones you already have. Whether it’s in a woodlands, meadow, or city, capturing these moments can be a beautiful way to commemorate a special time in your life.

As a photographer, I always ask my clients if there’s a particular place they’d like to have their photos taken. For Farah, that place was the Barbican. It was a place that held a special significance for her, and I was thrilled when she asked me to meet her there for the photoshoot.

Maternity photoshoot in London Barbican

Creating Lasting Memories

When you choose a meaningful location for your photoshoot, it can open up new possibilities for creating special memories. Imagine coming back to that place in the future with your little one and telling them the story behind why you chose it for your photoshoot. It creates a lasting connection between the place and the memories that were captured there.

So, what would be your special place for a photoshoot? Let me know in the comments! As a photographer, I’m always excited to work with clients to create meaningful photoshoots that capture their unique personalities and the special moments in their lives. Book your own photoshoot here.

Ania Hrycyna Photogtaphy Maternity Photoshoot in London Barbican



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