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Summer mini photoshoots

get in the frame!

Why pick a mini photoshoot? Good question, right? 🙂

Soo… You are aware of the time flying by, kiddos growing, wrinkles appearing and hair disappearing (for some ;)). You’d love to have beautiful photos of your family that you could share with grandparents, hang on the living room wall or just keep in a box to look at in 20 years.

You know what value those photos will have for you and your family, buuuut:

  • your partner would rather wash the dishes for a month than stand in front of a camera
  • you don’t want to invest too much right now
  • you are worried that your kids won’t be patient for long

If you nodded YES at least once while reading this, mini photoshoot is for you. It’s just 25minutes of games, giggles and cuddles. You can think of it as a “trial” version of a full photoshoot, similar experience, for a fraction of cost.

You can treat yourself to mummy&me session, or get mr Grumpy in for 5 minutes, just for simple family portraits. I can time it for him, really. This would be enough to capture some nice photos of you together (he doesn’t have to know about it ;). And who knows, maybe he’ll feel the vibe and stay for another 20 minutes?🙂

You may be worried that it’s past bedtime for the kids – sure, they may not be happiest, but as a mum of two little humans I have a doctorate in managing tantrums. And it’s only 25minutes.

Don’t worry about your outfit – I’ve got it covered too! I could bring one of the dresses from my client wardrobe on the day of your photo shoot. Wants to see what dresses I’ve got? Simply follow the link >>here <<



What’s included:

  • pre-session preparation guides about styling and photoshoot with kids
  • 25 minutes photoshoot
  • an access to beautiful hand picked dresses and accessories from The Client Wardrobe
  • a online gallery to view the whole expertly edited session
  • 5 full resolution digital photographs to download, professionally hand edited
summer mini photoshoots

When & where?

Date: 24.06.2022 (FRIDAY)

Only 2 time slots available!

Available time slots

– 7:00pm – 7:25pm

– 7:30pm – 7:55pm

– 8:00pm – 8:25pm

– 8:30pm – 8:55pm

Location: New Hill, Coulsdon

summer mini photoshoots

secure your slot now!

I don’t plan to do the mini photoshoots again this Summer. Only 2 time slots available. Grab yours now!

To confirm your booking a full payment of £100 is required.

If you can’t see the form below click >>here<<


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