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Magical maternity shoot in Banstead Woods


What did all those people walking their dogs in Banstead Woods one cold Saturday morning must have thought of us? One girl in bath robe and tiara on her head, other in boho dress carrying long stems of pampas grass, the third one with two big cameras and aldi reusable bags filled with dresses, hats and blankets.

Well, judging by the smiles we got, they were amused at least!


Maternity shoot in the forest isn’t reserved for summer time only.

Helena wasn’t afraid of 2 degrees cold, and she braved posing in sheer dresses, laying on the ground and showing off her bump! She wanted her maternity shoot to be magical, and oh boy it was! Plus we had looooots of fun. With preparation (and sister to support you) even the cold can’t stand in the way. Hot tea in a mug, warm robe for the in-between moments, and first of all – hunger for an adventure! Our early morning walk was an experience itself, definitely one to remember, not only because of photos we took, but just great time we had.


How to take good pictures when you are “camera shy” ?

I say it because I think you should always go with a photographer who you just could go for a pint and spend some great time with, someone you feel comfortable around. Then, even if you think of yourself as camera shy (Helena) or “always looking bad in the pictures” (her sister, Jo) – you just go with it, relax, trust the process and the results exceed your expectations.

Stay tuned, There is more to come!

Can’t wait for Helena’s baby to arrive earth side, because oh yeah, we have a newborn shoot planned already! Maybe not in the woods this time, but I’m sure it will be also magical and fun. This time with a human who will be an adventure herself, bringing Helena’s life into a new realm. And one day she’ll tell her about the cold morning in Banstead Woods where she danced in the sun and sang “Let it go” 🙂

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