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Slow Motherhood and Motherhood Photography

You are a mother who appreciates the small things in life, and you take motherhood slowly. You may be an ambitious and independent woman who is very strong and powerful. The idea of pregnancy first scared you but you embrace it and use it to discover the feminine power within yourself, right? 

Slow motherhood and motherhood photography go so well hand in hand. I capture the authentic moments of mums and their babies and our sessions are filled with laughter, silly jokes and lots of cuddles! Slow motherhood means that you can allow your children to explore the world at their own pace. This works so well with motherhood photography because it means capturing genuine and real, moments. None of those cringe-forced posed baby photoshoots!

How does Motherhood feel to you? 

Slow motherhood to some can feel scary yet empowering but everyone’s feelings are unique and valid. Enjoying every small moment with your babies is super important to build your strong connection, continuously build your love for each other and so you do not look back and regret missing out on the moments that go by so fast – trust me I have been there, and it goes by in a flash!

How to Embrace Slow Motherhood

Embracing all of the moments in slow motherhood is important so you do not look back and have any regrets. Regrets that you did not spend enough time enjoying moments with your little one, regret that you spent too much time worrying about how you looked after birth and regretting that you do not have any photos to look back on and remember that time in your life. 

Enjoy the little things

Capturing those small and genuine moments on camera is beautifully storytelling. That moment your little one is sucking every ounce of energy and milk out of you! The moment your hair is a mess, your house is a mess and you are super run down and tired – these are the moments we want to capture because it is so real. You and your little one will appreciate the memories years down the line. But don’t worry, on a photoshoot we’ll try to keep the mess out of the frame 😉

Slow motherhood allows you to step back and let your little one enjoy the little things independently as well as together, that is the beauty of it. Never feel guilty just wrapping up in a cosy blanket, embracing lots of cuddles and sitting out in the wilderness, or on your sofa eating snacks!

Spend Time Together

Don’t feel guilty for spending “too much time together”. This moment will only be here once, so fully embrace and appreciate it without anyone making you feel guilty. Of course, take time to yourself because self-care is important and you are still your own person.

Just remember that your little one is your companion for life and they are allowed to watch those thrilling documentaries with you and you are allowed to listen to your true crime podcasts whilst still being a mother!

If you’re thinking of capturing your slow motherhood moments send me a message.


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