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Maternity Photoshoot in the forest

We changed the date of this shoot. And thank photography gods we did! The forecast wasn’t looking good for our original date (and it was raining cats and dogs in the end), so we risked it and moved it to what happened to be last warm day of early Spring. The sun was perfection. Flickering through the trees in the forest where Jess and Brian walked, cuddled and danced. It was very special maternity photoshoot. Inspired by nature and wood fairies😉 (If you scroll down my instagram you’ll discover photos that gave Jess the idea of how her photoshoot should look like)

Golden hour photoshoot

And then we welcomed the essence of photography Spring and Summer – golden hour. Magic light just before the sun sets. Do I have to say it’s photographers’ favourite moment of the day? Camera lens likes to play with long rays, catching flares and highlights, adding that special ingredient to the photos.

Those two lovely people told me before the shoot they are camera shy. It took them maybe 10 minutes to warm up and forget that I’m even there. And then, when they relaxed and focused just on being with each others magic happened (along with the magic hour).

London maternity photographer

First golden hour photoshoot of the season! Jess was wearing dresses and kimono from The Client Wardrobe which is available to my clients with every booking.

Best moment to have a maternity photoshoot is about 28-36 weeks. Allocate some time to find the photographer whose style speaks to your heart and whose personality matches yours. If you have a TO DO list, put booking a session around your 20 weeks scan. But if you’re game, just send me a message regardless timing, I may have an open space for you!


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