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In-Home Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity Photoshoot in your home

If home is your comfort zone why have a photoshoot anywhere else? Comfort zone is called a comfort zone for a reason😉 Thats one, but not only advantage of having a maternity photoshoot in your home.

Photos I’m sharing here is a next level – Yumi invited me to photograph her second round into motherhood + her bond with her 2 year old son. Ori enjoyed playing with flowers and boobing throughout the session, Yumi was having fun changing outfits and enjoyed her house as a photoshoot scene. She was blown away with the end results, which to me is the biggest compliment.

relaxed pregnancy photoshoot

Let’s focus on the comfort for a second. You don’t have to go anywhere, if you need to pee the bathroom is just there, no curious stranger looking at you posing in the park. Weather doesn’t matter…. Yeah, all that as a plus and more. Do I hear the introvert side of you saying: “me likey”? I thought so 😉

Also, your casa is a place where your butt cheeks and boobs see the day light most often. It’s just their natural habitat. So if you’re willing to show some skin on the photos, this is where you’ll feel relaxed and comfy doing that. I mean, there’s nothing wrong in doing that in the public. If you ask me I’ll be the first to encourage you to show your naked bump on an outdoor photoshoot, but I know it’s not for everybody. And my main goal is that YOU feel great in your skin and in the moment.

So yeah, what stops us here is imagination (and natural light sources, the windows I mean). I have some cosy cardigans and sparkly kimonos I can bring over, we can try different outfits, rooms. Have fun with it!

And later see your blooming body on the photos, fall in love with it and appreciate what it’s doing. Growing a person. This is effing mind blowing, right?

London maternity photographer

Your in-home maternity photoshoot will always be on your terms. I’m here and I listen to all your dreams and ideas and will help you materialise them. Or, you’ll let me I’ll go with the flow and squeeze my creative juices to bring you the best artistic photos of you and your bump.

Best moment to have a maternity photoshoot is about 28-36 weeks. Allocate some time to find the photographer whose style speaks to your heart and whose personality matches yours. If you have a TO DO list, put booking a session around your 20 weeks scan. But if you’re game, just send me a message regardless timing, I may have an open space for you!


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