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World Breastfeeding Week – Group Breastfeeding Photoshoot 2022

This photoshoot nearly didn’t happen.

The moment all my photographers friends were doing theirs I was juggling life with my two boys at home and I was just doooneee…. we’ve all been there, so you know what I mean. Survive mode on!

Anyway, there was sort of a deadline – World Breastfeeding Day in the 1st of August. Perfect day to post breastfeeding photos on insta and make some buzz about this little cool thing called breastfeeding.

I was also sad that this project won’t come to live. Again (as I wanted to do something last year already). Breastfeeding has a special place in my heart, and it’s probably last summer that my son is still interested in snacking on boobie from time to time…

So one Friday, just nearly a week to the deadline I just said to myself “fuck it” and in an hour created an ad and posted in everywhere I could think of. By the end of the weekend I had mailbox full of touching breastfeeding stories from which I picked 7.

And finally we met, on the 1st of August –  The World Breastfeeding Day itself. 7 amazing mums and 9 breastfed kiddos to document this very moment in their journeys and to show how beautiful breastfeeding can be. To celebrate it, to normalise it.

The energy was insanely positive, from the moment we met in the car park there were chats, laughs and running toddlers. I think I can say we all loved it! Meeting of likeminded mummas, in beautiful dresses (all from my Client Wardrobe by the way), wearing flower crowns and cuddling their bubbas. In a safe space, full of love and milk.

I want to thank all girls who applied, keep breastfeeding and I see you next year! 🙂

Let me know if you liked this photoshoot. It really was special. I think I’m going to do one next year too! I wonder how many of the mums from this year shoot will still be breastfeeding? 🙂


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